As I walked back to my apartment on the shores of Perast, I noticed all the couples walking hand in hand. I often feel the pangs of loneliness when traveling. I haven’t had a lasting boyfriend in a long time and rarely go on dates. Sometimes I feel a wave of invisibility when walking by men.Β  As I passed a couple, I wished for someone to be with. My own voice answered back, “I am here”.Β  A sudden melting took over and I felt a deep love for this woman I have become. I thought of all I do for myself and know that no other person could do a better job.Β  I treated myself to a year of travel around the world. When I make mistakes on the road, I go easy on myself knowing things will work out in the end. I just swam in the a Bay of Kotor staring out at mountains and a tiny sailboat drifting below. I made this possible, this beautiful gift to me. I listened to the voice that most people silence out of fear and took the leap to answer what it truly was… my calling.

Now the things that come out of me, the words, the images, the emotions, are a pure stream of who I am being expressed to the world. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. Romantic love will come one day. For now, the real love I have for myself is like finding a bit of home wherever the road takes me.

Perast Love