Two sisters unite in ancient Athens. We stand on stone older than Christ and gaze at the city mixed with ruins far below. The sun’s last rays dip each column into a golden light and we wander down through green spaces and savor the view from below.

Caryatids at the Acropolic in Greece.

Athens Feet

The vie.w from the Acropolis

Sheri at the Acropolis


Athens Ancient Building

My Sister in Athens

We leave behind the big city to relax in small towns, finding comforts and quiet along the shore of the sea. My sister wanders a beautiful beach to hunt for tiny shells and later drifts in the salty water, floating her day away. We spend evenings walking through olive groves and climbing over ruins looking down at Paralio Astros below. Greece is golden in the dying light, the last burst a yellow ember fading in the fields.

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ParalioAstros-7214web ParalioAstros-7236web

We take a day trip to nearby Nafplio, a town speckled in red and magenta with bougainvillea capturing walls in their nets of color. A fortress high above leads us down steep stairs, leaving our legs like rubberbands. Cats and kittens put on a show of cuteness to win a few bites of our lunch.

Greece Greece Greece Greece Greece Greece Nafplio Greece

We fly to the island of Santorini and fall in love with Greece. From red sand beaches, to the cliffs of Oia, we explore and smile. Each pebble is a jewel here and the sun always shines. The wind whips our hair into wild woman styles as we walk through alleys above the sea, ducking in and out of shops searching for the a perfect souvenir to remember our stay.

Oia, Santorini Greece Oia, Santorini Oia, Santorini Oia, Santorini Greece Oia, Santorini Santorini

Santorini-6723webGreece, Red Rock Santorini Santorini Red Beach, Santorini

The last chapter in our Greek journey takes us to the sacred spot of Meteora. A monk path leads us through an enchanted forest to monasteries floating above. Mist wraps itself around each cliff, washing over and then revealing the holy sites as if by magic.

Meteora Greece Monastery in Meteora Greece Greece Greece

Friends, lovers, even marriages can be temporary. A sister is forever. Thank you Julie for meeting me on this voyage and for choosing Greece. I’m so glad to have shared this incredible journey with you.

A special thanks goes to my wonderful Greek friend Georgia and her family for helping me with this part of the trip. I appreciate your generosity and can’t thank you enough!