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Asakusa Nights

Asakusa Japan

Today is my last day in Tokyo. My days have been spent in awe of this enormous but wonderful city. I walk until my body tells me I can’t walk anymore. After the sun sets beyond distant skyscrapers, my nights are filled with the moody glow of paper lanterns and dimly lit alleyways. A whole new world appears and my body gets a second wind in the magic of the night. Asakusa has been my favorite area to wander, full of dark wood and electricity.


  1. Kai says

    Thank you so much for staying with us Sheri. Have a safe trip home. Keep Shining! 🙂

  2. Natsumi says

    Thanks for coming to our Organic Vegan restaurant “Kaemon” 🙂
    Hope your adventure is going well in the next cities!!! I’m glad to see you!!

  3. Kelly Caltabiano says

    Very cool, Sheri. It almost looks like a movie set. 🙂 As always, wishing you safe travels as your trip winds down.

    Take care,


  4. Hi Sheri,

    Thanks for the article, I wasn’t aware about Asakusa Nights but you shared this post “Asakusa Nights” & I came to know about Asakusa Nights!

    So this is really something amazing for me, Well If I talked about Asakusa Nights. So yes Asakusa Nights looks really beautiful. There are not so many pictures but just one pic is enough to describe about Asakusa Nights 🙂

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