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Sea View

Finding Favorites in Six Months of Solo Travel

What does a memory contain that makes you fall in love with a place? What qualities make you bottle it up and put it on a shelf in your heart as a favorite travel destination? My own recipe for a perfect getaway includes a dash of small town charm, pleasant people and the mountains or sea nearby to explore or relax into. I’ve compiled a list of six favorite places I’ve encountered in my six months of solo travel. I hope you find them as captivating as I did.

Into the Green: The Isle of Skye and Beyond

Imagine a Dr. Seuss book, its illustrations showing green hills outlined with swirls. Beyond those hills, waterfalls cascade in the distance and a light fog hangs in the air above. Insert a few labyrinths, twisting trees, spongy grass, conical mounds with a perfect pond at the base and you might come close to visualizing the Faerie Glen on the Isle of Skye.