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Sailing in Montenegro

There are moments I have when traveling where I suddenly am aware of life and the present. Things become more vivid, my mind becomes quiet and my surroundings and I become connected in deeper way. Life becomes more real than usual and in the process seems to be unreal. Yesterday was one of those days filled with moments that make life precious. I will write more about it in a future post, but for now here is a video from my day out sailing in Montenegro.

A special thanks goes to the Tim and Katie who sail the Monty B and made the trip possible.


  1. Holger says

    That video is outstanding!!
    Can’t believe you kept the camera so steady :).
    Beautiful, great job, I wanna go there, lol.

    • Thanks! I’m glad it appears that way. I’m always shaking when I try to record. This was my favorite part of of Montenegro so far, being out on the water.

  2. Feroz Khan says

    Loved the video Sheri. I will have to start doing something like that for my trips.

  3. What a beautiful video. Dad says you know what you’re doing . A good steady hand and the dog was cool too.

  4. Celeste Roe says

    Sheri, WOW, the video and music! And I love the shot of you on the deck….gorgeous.

  5. Lawdog says

    Hi Sheri,
    I’ve been enjoying your professional-looking photos and following your on-going adventures! After watching your video, I had to comment because, as you know, I am a professional videographer! I don’t want to comment on the shots or the editing as you might expect, no, those are great! I just had to say there is a missed opportunity here to use “Sailing” by Christopher Cross! Personally, I’ve wanted to do a sailing video all my life to that song! I’ll have to hit up someone that ones a sailing boat one day. Maybe I will just play your video with that song in my speakers. That way, it avoids all kinds of rights issues. 🙂 Have a great day and a wonderful time! – Tim

    • It’s funny you say that Tim, I have always LOVED that song and was listening to it a great deal in Croatia and Montenegro. I started a traveling playlist and it’s on repeat. When I took the bus to Kotor Bay, where this was filmed, the instrumental track that’s on the movie was playing in my headphones. It was such a cool view with sailboats cruising along and seeing the fjords for the first time. That song was stuck in my mind afterward and I knew I had to shoot some video for it. I think my editing wasn’t that great as I don’t really go to the beat, but I didn’t take enough video to edit how I really wanted, and if I used the Christopher Cross song I would have had to cut the song short. I love that song! Maybe I’ll find use for it again someday. Maybe I’ll get to sail on another boat! It was quite the experience. Thanks so much for commenting and it’s so great to hear from you!!!

    • Never knew that. Cool! Maybe I didn’t use that song so that you could! I think this is a sign you need to make that idea a reality. 🙂

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