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Here Comes the Rain Again

Ko Pha Ngan Rain

I’m starting a new section on the blog. “Moments” will be more frequent, featuring a single photo and caption from my days on this incredible journey. The first is from the island in Thailand I’m currently on, Ko Pha Ngan.

As I post this photo, the lights flicker in our bungalow. Power outages are frequent and my time spent here has become a struggle, making creative photos few and far between. I did manage to capture this dramatic storm cloud with a wall of rain below it skating across the water. I’m hoping there are positive lessons to be learned from my month here, but for now I feel the weight of these dark clouds hanging on the horizon each day.


  1. Carol Porter says

    I’ve certainly learned a travel lesson: I’ll never again take anybody else’s travel recommendations at face value. I’m afraid that I failed to research Koh Phangan, and the programs we enrolled in as thoroughly as necessary. Now we’re paying the price, stuck in lodgings that we don’t like and in a program that we just tolerate.

  2. I look forward to getting your emails then enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pictures you take. I was thinking about how lifted I feel and probably others do to that follow your blog. And then I thought, how amazing; you’re lifting the world.

    Much love.

  3. Sheri; What a wonderful photo! It captures the heart of the rainy season here on Ko Phangan! Hope to see you at El Dolce Vita this evening! Have a wonderful day! Bruce & Pat

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