I’m starting a new leaf lately with my purchases. I’m focusing on buying a small amount of quality items, rather than many cheap things that don’t last. I’ve started with my camera accessories since they are what I use most and travel with me everywhere I go.

I was very excited to receive my new camera strap from Tap & Dye in the mail the other day. I did a lot of searching to find something that would compliment my new Fujifilm XT-1. I wanted something made well, comfortable, and that had a vintage vibe. My legacy leather strap is all of that and more. There is no shortage of quality about this purchase, even down to the packaging it shipped in. The attention to detail is great and I really appreciate a product made entirely by hand with materials produced in the United States. Communication was also great with the owner Justin, who answered questions before I made my purchase and checked in with me afterwards to see how I liked it.

I’ve always had the typical black camera straps before this, and wow, what a difference. First of all, the appearance really makes you feel like you bought a nice accessory to for your wardrobe and not just camera gear. This isn’t your average strap with plastic bits and parts flapping about. My strap is leather, cut to a fixed length made just for me. I also opted for a neck pad because even though my camera is of the lightweight mirrorless variety, I still use larger lenses from time to time. The leather’s soft side faces my skin and feels great resting there. I have yet to try it out on a long hike to give a full opinion on it’s comfort level, but as of right now, I think it feels great. I can’t wait to see what journeys we’ll go on and how it will age as we travel together.

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