Month: August 2015

Vatican Stairway

The Rush of Rome

The rush of Rome clatters through me It is the grit, the noise, the heat A pulsing of life breathing in the shells of the ancient They hover and stand through the test of time The Pantheon, Colosseum, and Appian Way all still firmly planted as if they have roots reaching miles down feeding the past to the future


A Perfect Day in Plitvice

     We sit on a rocky ledge with a green expanse stretching across the horizon. Lakes of turquoise fill the center, jewels in a sea of forest spilling into each other. Looking down I can see where we hiked earlier, an abandoned part of the park we had to ourselves. We crossed a river far below, balancing in the current with our shoes in our hands. I stopped in the center to stare at the falls rushing towards us not far ahead. The memory lives in my mind and not in my camera that was packed away in case I slipped. We sat on the riverbank looking up at the falls beyond the ones in front of us and caught two tiny tourists waving at us from a bridge high above. I smiled and waved back, happy in the knowledge we were alone and not following the masses.

Boats in Pucisca

A Paradise Called Pučišća

I drift in the water of the Adriatic Sea, my body floating with my arms in a T shape. It’s just me, the water, and the sky.  I pick up the distant whir of an engine under the surface. Lifting my head from my bed of waves I see a small boat zip by. I look around and see blue, orange, cream and green. They are the colors of Pučišća.



Bologna, where to begin, there are many moments that are imprinted in my mind of this city, one blurring past the other when I remember my time there. Miniature movies that play and give glimpses of happy, heat filled days.