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Wanaka is the wind that whips through my hair
It is the poplar leaves that dance in the light
And the scent of pine that reminds me of home
It is blue waves rolling onto an open shore
free from high rises, leaving only bold views
finished by grand mountains far away
Grapes grow here back beyond a shady path
Up a switch back or two, you’ll smell the sun
and run your hands through lavender
Wanaka is where a tree sways sideways
growing out of the water where sails glide
and boats lie waiting in dappled shade
Children fly above hilltops by fathers
swinging them in circles towards the sky
You touch nature here and it touches you back
tracing your fingers back in the tall grass
becoming part of the land and into the green
the blue, the sun, sky and night
Bending together in this dance called life

Wanaka Wanaka WanakaWanakaWanakawanaka Wanaka Wanaka Wanaka




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