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The Rush of Rome

Vatican Stairway

The rush of Rome clatters through me
It is the grit, the noise, the heat
A pulsing of life breathing in the shells of the ancient
They hover and stand through the test of time
The Pantheon, Colosseum, and Appian Way
all still firmly planted
as if they have roots reaching miles down
feeding the past to the future
As I whirl ahead, pedaling my electric bike
over stones thousands of years old
I am filled with visions of Rome’s former glory
of emperors, armies, conquests
the birth of new ideas, art and architecture
enough to fill museums and fascinate the living
a millennia and beyond
I am but a tiny glimmer in your sea of memories
a flash of energy enjoying your grandness
standing long after I am gone

Appian Legs
Trees Rome


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