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The Green Enough Grass

The world is under my skin, itching to be discovered. The songs of foreign lands flow through my veins and a thirst to explore never seems quenched. One trip hasn’t finished when I’m already fantasizing about the next. Yet during my time in Thailand, the grass started to seem greener back home, even in the dead of winter. I had fantasized about being somewhere warm and now dream of pine forests and retreating to a cabin on a lake up north. I’ve had at least a handful of dreams where I’m searching for a new house and always end up on the water. I’m gazing out a window to see the ever changing blue patterns floating by and know that I have found my home. Yet I wasn’t home. I sold my house to take this journey. I would wake each morning during my two months in Thailand and often question why I was there. I was never really drawn to southeast Asia, but it seemed a warm, exotic and affordable place to spend my …


Never Always Pai

I’ll never ride a motorbike. I remember saying those words when prepping for my trip around the world. I’ve been in Pai one day and I’m zipping through lime colored fields in the countryside holding onto my new friend tightly trying to swallow my fear. I first rode with her last night, short stints around town following the local live music. Now as we take a longer trip, I watch the beauty of Thailand pass by and the cool mountain air washes over my sticky skin. Part of me relaxes and savors the moment with a smile. The other part of me wishes for a helmet.