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The Joy of Japan

When I was a child, my parents gave me a small porcelain statue of a geisha. It belonged to my father’s mother who passed away before I could form a memory of her. The statue was all white with pale blue and pink markings. The geisha knelt with a small drum beside her as if she were about to play it. Her hair curved high above her head in a beautiful sweep and a small dab of color formed tiny heart shaped lips on her face. That one impression of a beautiful culture so different than my own, planted a seed in my child’s heart, growing a love for all things Japanese.



Bologna, where to begin, there are many moments that are imprinted in my mind of this city, one blurring past the other when I remember my time there. Miniature movies that play and give glimpses of happy, heat filled days.

Madrid Gardens

The Familiar and the Foreign

What is in the missing of a person, a place, a thing? The ache of longing for a familiar face, a home cooked meal, or one’s own bed settles in when on the road. There is a comfort in being in the same space as a good friend or hearing a love’s laugh. Sometimes as I wander the streets of a foreign city, I experience a strange connection in the face of a perfect stranger.

Roman Bridge

Cordoba and Granada

As we cross the Puente Romano in Cordoba, a breeze picks up creating a swirl of motion around my body. My red dress floats on the warm currents of air and my hair becomes a thousand little tendrils curling around the sun’s rays. The breeze is wonderful and seems to push me along the roman bridge towards the live music that fills the area with a gypsy beat. Cordoba is hot and reaching almost 100 degrees to create a slowness in my pace and an eagerness for shade on the other side of the river. I stop to lean over the railing and marvel at the massive support beams that water pushes through and has since the time of Emperor Augustus. This is what happens in Europe. You realize the ancientness of places. You wonder at the ages and history. You marvel over the considerable feats of engineering and architecture.

The Journey Begins

What places would you visit if given the chance to travel the world? I’ve had a list accumulating for sometime, swirling in the background of my mind if ever the opportunity arose. I want to see the cherry blossoms bloom in Kyoto, climb over the tree entangled ruins of Angkor Wat, stand atop the white cliffs that make up the Seven Sisters in England, and hike the Quiraing in the green fairyland called the Isle of Skye in Scotland. I once thought I’d get to see these things over the span of a lifetime and even then they were just dreams. Things I added to a list of somedays and maybes that were put off until the right moment called… until now.