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Mackinac Island

The Magic of Mackinac Island

After wandering the world for a year, I yearned for home. The one place that tugged on my heart strings most was Mackinac Island and I planned a trip there months before I returned to Michigan. I have never lived there and the only thing it houses are memories. This magic island however, encapsulates the things I love most about the USA and the state I grew up in. It is a perfect slice of American pie that satisfies a soul searching hunger in me every time I return.


The Joy of Japan

When I was a child, my parents gave me a small porcelain statue of a geisha. It belonged to my father’s mother who passed away before I could form a memory of her. The statue was all white with pale blue and pink markings. The geisha knelt with a small drum beside her as if she were about to play it. Her hair curved high above her head in a beautiful sweep and a small dab of color formed tiny heart shaped lips on her face. That one impression of a beautiful culture so different than my own, planted a seed in my child’s heart, growing a love for all things Japanese.

Swimming Under and Over Stars

Last night at Hopewell, five of us braved the cool sea and swam out into dark waters. Each person jumping off the jetty and giving a gasp or yelp as the crisp coldness enveloped our bodies. Soon the temperature was far from our minds as we marveled in the miracle of bioluminescent phytoplankton surrounding us. Their light activated in the movement made by our splashing and each person soon joined in a chorus of oohs and ahhs. 

Castle Hill

Castle Hill

I once saw a photo of Kura Tawhiti, or Castle Hill in New Zealand. A man walked between huge boulders at sunset with mountains fading into the light. The scene looked like something out of a dream. I decided then to make a special trip to see it while on the South Island.

Angkor Wat

Walking on a Dream in Angkor Wat

We ride off into the morning light, the sun’s rays golden over farmer’s fields with an occasional palm tree jutting out of the horizon. The air is cool for a change and I wrap my scarf around my shoulders and neck to shield myself from the wind. A few motorbikes pass us and an occasional farmer. Fifteen minutes later and we are at the admission gates for Angkor Wat.