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Spring in Kyoto

Sweet Spring in Kyoto

Kyoto is in a flurry over spring. Each day more blossoms open and soon the sakura will be in full bloom, spreading a pink blanket of beauty over the city. I thought I would share a poem by E.E. Cummings that captures the light feeling that is floating in the air and the excitement of the season.

Vatican Stairway

The Rush of Rome

The rush of Rome clatters through me It is the grit, the noise, the heat A pulsing of life breathing in the shells of the ancient They hover and stand through the test of time The Pantheon, Colosseum, and Appian Way all still firmly planted as if they have roots reaching miles down feeding the past to the future

Madrid Gardens

The Familiar and the Foreign

What is in the missing of a person, a place, a thing? The ache of longing for a familiar face, a home cooked meal, or one’s own bed settles in when on the road. There is a comfort in being in the same space as a good friend or hearing a love’s laugh. Sometimes as I wander the streets of a foreign city, I experience a strange connection in the face of a perfect stranger.