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Golden Bay

My Sweet Stay in Golden Bay

When I first drove to Golden Bay, my rental car heaved up the mountainous and winding road seeming to head off into the sky. Then another turn would take me higher, at times making me dizzy. Blue skies were the destination up above and soon white feathery clouds were passing me by. It seemed to take ages, but finally a descent took me down into the area of Golden Bay. Green hills and teal waters spread out before me. Small stretches of colorful beach houses with flowers out front and weathered mailboxes lined the coast. It felt like endless summer and barefoot walks on the sand awaited.

Wharariki Beach

Exploring the Vast: Wharariki Beach

I made my way down the grassy path towards Wharariki Beach, over farmland and steep hilly pastures in the dark. The night sky shone with a brilliance rarely seen elsewhere, as the stars still glimmered overhead, free from any light pollution. There wasn’t a cloud to be seen and constellations reigned up above. You’ve never seen the night sky until you’ve come to New Zealand. I don’t know how many times I’ve stopped and stared at the show the stars put on when the sun has set.