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Sweet Spring in Kyoto

Spring in Kyoto

Kyoto is in a flurry over spring. Each day more blossoms open and soon the sakura will be in full bloom, spreading a pink blanket of beauty over the city. I thought I would share a poem by E.E. Cummings that captures the light feeling that is floating in the air and the excitement of the season.

“sweet spring is your
time is my time is our
time for springtime is lovetime
and viva sweet love

(all the merry little birds are
flying in the floating in the
very spirits singing in
are winging in the blossoming)

lovers go and lovers come
awandering awondering
but any two are perfectly
alone there’s nobody else alive

(such a sky and such a sun
i never knew and neither did you
and everybody never breathed
quite so many kinds of yes)

not a tree can count his leaves
each herself by opening
but shining who by thousands mean
only one amazing thing

(secretly adoring shyly
tiny winging darting floating
merry in the blossoming
always joyful selves are singing)

sweet spring is your
time is my time is our
time for springtime is lovetime
and viva sweet love”


  1. Momsie says

    What a beautiful poem. Spring is the birth after winter. Wonderful..

  2. Aunt Irene says

    Sheri, Finally back to my computer to tell you how truly fortunate you are to experience all the wonders of this beautiful planet. Your pictures are awesome. Gloomy, rain and cold here. Wud rather see the flowers.

    • Thank you Aunt Irene. Soon that miserable weather will break and we will have a beautiful Michigan summer upon us. They really are the best and I’ll be back just in time to enjoy it. Hang in there!

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