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Seville you swirl around me, washing my mind with colorful memories of your streets with sharp turns and never-ending cathedrals. Bells clang in the air each morning and dancers stomp their rapid rhythms on stage at night. Music and fire from the flamenco send chills down my spine and Spanish guitar fills my ears. A new friend was found and a home away from home made our stay sweet. We were turned around on your roads and glided over your marble squares in the evening. From a terrace above, your gentle breeze warmed our souls over loving conversation and reminiscing. We ate your olives and tried your tapas. Glasses clinked and laughter escaped. You came alive in the evening and shops lit our paths filled with fancy hats and holy relics. The Macarena dazzled us into silence, sparking prayer and reflection. Your architecture stopped us in our tracks, faces to the sky. Horses clip clopped down your roads and castanets clickety, click, clicked for sale in Plaza de Espana. We watched the sun’s last rays graze your rooftops in a golden light that turned to pink, forever etching you into our hearts.

Alcázar Doorway Plaza de España BoatHat Shop

Metropol Parasol Statute in ParkHorse and CarriageSeville ArchitectureSunset

Helpful Tips:

Flamenco – For a fantastic show full of passion and great music, visit the Flamenco Museum. It’s 20 Euro a person and was one of the highlights of our trip to Seville. Some early shows include a free drink with admission. Arrive a half hour early to get a good seat as they fill up fast.

For the Architecture Lover – Visit the Metropol Parasol. We loved this amazing structure. Sunset is a great time to go. You can enjoy the view of all the rooftops of Seville from above and then see the structure as night falls when it is lit up. It’s really unique and something to see. 3 Euro gives you a lift in the elevator to the top.

Where We Stayed – I can’t recommend enough the amazing place we rented. Our host was one of the best I’ve encountered and her home is creative, comfortable and stunning. It’s the best home I’ve rented on my trip so far. You can find it here.







  1. Sue wood says

    Your photos are just amazing! Paris used to be George’s favorite European city, Seville is now and you captured so much about its appeal in your pictures. Very nice…and it makes me excited to return there sometime, which I’m pretty sure will happen.

    • It’s really special isn’t it? I’m glad I portrayed it well for you. I love all the winding streets and color. Plaza de Espana really made it for me. It’s just so breathtaking! I still have to see Paris!

  2. Leo Kennedy says

    Thank you for a poetic inspirational journey to Seville.
    I thought I saw the Mona Lisa among the trees 🙂


    Now, I want to go to Seville, Spain.
    You did a super great job describing the sights and sounds of Spain. I felt like I was there. That Moorish influence on architecture and all that color is breathtaking.

    It sounds like you met a good friend. I was looking at your reflection in the hat window photo to see if your friend was a “HE” … I was hoping you had finally met your “Soul-Mate.” Love to you … thank you for sharing so I can live vicariously through you …

  4. Feroz Khan says

    Hi Sheri,

    Loved the pics on this blog. My favorite photo is the one with the guy in a horse driven carriage, with the buildings on the right. I could easily turn it into a painting.


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