What’s in my bag? This is all I brought with me around the world. Carry-on only of course!

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Jacket – Lightweight windbreaker from Benetton
Pants x 2 – Navy pants by Anatomie, black pants by Lucy
Shorts, black knee length
Dresses, vintage x 3 (long black, short black, short red)
Tanks x 3 (black, brown, print)
Short sleeve tops x 3
Black long sleeve top
Long sleeve sheer blouse
Smart wool socks x 3 pair (1 long, 2 short)
Bras x 2
Underwear x 8
Shorts for sleeping x 2
One piece bathing suit – Ralph Lauren
Shoes – Nike Pegasus
Sandals – The Walking Store
Flip flops – Sanuk
Black Hat
Brown belt
Bracelet, necklace, earrings
Sunglasses and prescription glasses
Brown Scarf

Osprey Farpoint 40 (carry-on size)
Kelly Moore Convertible Backpack Camera Bag
Beach bag
Small foldable reusable grocery bag
3 Eagle Creek packing cubes
Extra small vintage purse

Electronics & Photo
13 inch Macbook Air + Book Book leather case
2 TB LaCie drive
Portable charger by Anker
Fuji XT1
Pancake lens & portrait lens
Circular polarizing filter, graduated neutral density filter, 9 stop ND filter
SD Cards
Dust Remover – Rocket Blaster
Travel Tripod
Battery charger and 3 batteries
Adapter plug
iPhone5 and extra long cord
Steripen Travel
Personal Alarm

Lush shampoo + conditioner
Bar soap
Liquid Soap – Dr Bronner’s (for laundry)
Brush/Mirror – Super handy fold up brush by Conair
Small fold up scissors
Nail trimmers & file
Vitamin E face lotion
Q tips
Lavender & peppermint essential oils
Migraine Away – essential oil roll on
Toothpaste, toothbrush and floss
Solid perfume x 2, by Pacifica
Eye shadow, liner, concealer
Toiletry bag by eBags
Insect repellent  (still looking for one that works)

Probiotics advance formula
EmergenC powdered drink packets
Ibuprofen and tension headache pills
Cipro and Flagyl antibiotics
Malarone malaria pills
Bandaids & alcohol wipes

Passport and wallet
Sink stopper and clothesline (super handy since I do all my laundry in the sink)
Ear plugs
Eye mask
Whistle necklace
Beach towel
Pacsafe Bag Protector
Luggage lock
Master Lock
Sewing kit

I roll my clothes and fold my dresses. The rest fits around the edges, weighing in at around 23 pounds. It can get heavy on my back but if you saw the roads I walk on and the stairs I climb up, wheels don’t apply. I’ve fit my bag (with a few hefty shoves and grumbles) on every airplane & train so far, including smaller/budget flights. I think Air Asia will be the first airline I will need to check it as they have a tiny weight limit at 15lbs. I’ve lost a few items, broke a few, and threw a pair of new hiking shoes out after 2 weeks in Scotland. I shipped my original jacket home because it was too heavy, along with an extra dress I didn’t need. The list is ever evolving but what I have here seems to do the trick for now.