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Days in Deutschland


My visit to Deutschland was a low key, relaxing stop to spend time with some friends of mine. We strolled the quaint city streets of Lippstadt, ate sushi in Paderborn and visited castles near the River Rhine.

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

The cable car to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Germany.

Not a bad place to have lunch, at Marksburg Castle.

Lunch at Marksburg Castle.

I was even able to experience soaring speeds on the Autobahn in my friend’s Ford Mustang. I took a long day trip to Cologne and explored the city. I over indulged myself in chocolate and fresh strawberries that were in season. It was nice to see where my friends called home and also meet new members of the family.

A church in Lippstadt.


We had reason to celebrate, a birthday passed with cake and a home cooked meal by my friend’s mother. Germany is where time started to slow for me as the heat wave hit and is still continuing as I make my way through Europe. Days are spent indoors and in the evenings I venture out, safe from the sun. I loved the small town atmosphere of Lippstadt. You could be in the town square one minute, then walk a short distance and be surrounded by fields and rivers in the country. I walked the streets at night and felt perfectly at ease. I could see why my friends chose the city to be married in and start a family. A special thanks goes out to them for hosting me during a time of change for them as they have a new baby and are in the process of moving to a new home. Much love and well wishes are sent to you as you embark on this new chapter in your lives.

My friends.

River Rhine Fun

An interesting gate in Lippstadt.






Love Locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne.

Old Town in Cologne.

Old Town in Cologne.

Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

A wall mural in Belgisches Viertel (Belgian Quarter).

A wall mural in Belgisches Viertel (Belgian Quarter).

Ping Pong

Locals play table tennis outside of a Cathedral in my favorite part of Cologne, the Belgian Quarter. I was even able to join for a bit.

Shrine of the three kings.

Shrine of the Three Kings in Cologne Cathedral, said to contain the bones of the three wise men.

Raimer's birthday.

My friend makes a wish on his birthday.


I tried a new dish that was a cross between a pizza and a crepe called flammkuchen (flame cake).



Lippstadt at night.


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