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Trave Apps

My Top Travel Apps

The ease of my daily travel has been largely due to the magical device I carry around. My cellphone has been extremely valuable to me on this journey. Apart from the obvious service as a way to communicate, combined with Google Maps its navigation functionality gets me to where I need to go every day. In large cities, it tells me what bus or subway to take and how many stops I will be on for. I have  also become an app collector on the road and have found a few that help put the world at my fingertips and make planning a breeze.

Things I Travel With

Never before has the importance of what I take with me on a trip been so high. What does one take with them for a year? Things that last, clothes that won’t fall apart, shoes that will make it over pavement and mountain passes, accessories that go with everything, a camera to record it all and bags that will hold everything on my back with ease. Some of my necessities are listed below. I’m just setting out, so this list may change as time goes by.

Fuji X-T1 resting on vintage books

Camera Strap by Tap & Dye

I was very excited to receive my new camera strap from Tap & Dye in the mail the other day. I did a lot of searching to find something that would compliment my new Fujifilm XT-1. I wanted something made well, comfortable, and that had a vintage vibe. My legacy leather strap is all of that and more.