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Spring in Kyoto

Sweet Spring in Kyoto

Kyoto is in a flurry over spring. Each day more blossoms open and soon the sakura will be in full bloom, spreading a pink blanket of beauty over the city. I thought I would share a poem by E.E. Cummings that captures the light feeling that is floating in the air and the excitement of the season.

Asakusa Japan

Asakusa Nights

Today is my last day in Tokyo. My days have been spent in awe of this enormous but wonderful city. I walk until my body tells me I can’t walk anymore. After the sun sets beyond distant skyscrapers, my nights are filled with the moody glow of paper lanterns and dimly lit alleyways.

Cathedral Cove

Sunrise at Cathedral Cove

A popular destination on the North Island of New Zealand, Cathedral Cove was quiet this morning as the sun rose over the water in a golden light. I left the popular cave area and walked to this rock formation that was sculpted anew when the sun’s glow graced its side. I treasure moments like this when the world first wakes up and shows how brilliant it can be. To find out more about Cathedral Cove visit this website.

Valley of the Mills in Sorrento Italy. An abandoned mill rests in a landscape of green.

The Abandoned Mill

One of my reasons for visiting Sorrento Italy wasn’t the usual stunning cliffs and seaside views, but the Valley of the Mills which resides further in near Tasso Square. The abandoned mill is easy to miss as it’s tucked away behind the city’s attractions and far below the streets tourists flock to.