Month: March 2016

Spring in Kyoto

Sweet Spring in Kyoto

Kyoto is in a flurry over spring. Each day more blossoms open and soon the sakura will be in full bloom, spreading a pink blanket of beauty over the city. I thought I would share a poem by E.E. Cummings that captures the light feeling that is floating in the air and the excitement of the season.

Asakusa Japan

Asakusa Nights

Today is my last day in Tokyo. My days have been spent in awe of this enormous but wonderful city. I walk until my body tells me I can’t walk anymore. After the sun sets beyond distant skyscrapers, my nights are filled with the moody glow of paper lanterns and dimly lit alleyways.


Traveling Through Time in Russell

A visit to historic Russell on New Zealand’s North Island was a step back in time. Normal architecture fell away, while charm and style from days past shone here. White picket fences lined the small streets that have kept their original layout since 1843. The time capsule town was a place of firsts, being the first European settlement and first sea port in New Zealand.