Month: November 2015

Sea View

Finding Favorites in Six Months of Solo Travel

What does a memory contain that makes you fall in love with a place? What qualities make you bottle it up and put it on a shelf in your heart as a favorite travel destination? My own recipe for a perfect getaway includes a dash of small town charm, pleasant people and the mountains or sea nearby to explore or relax into. I’ve compiled a list of six favorite places I’ve encountered in my six months of solo travel. I hope you find them as captivating as I did.

Self Love

Finding Love

As I walked back to my apartment on the shores of Perast, I noticed all the couples walking hand in hand. I often feel the pangs of loneliness when traveling. I haven’t had a lasting boyfriend in a long time and rarely go on dates. Sometimes I feel a wave of invisibility when walking by men. 


Never Always Pai

I’ll never ride a motorbike. I remember saying those words when prepping for my trip around the world. I’ve been in Pai one day and I’m zipping through lime colored fields in the countryside holding onto my new friend tightly trying to swallow my fear. I first rode with her last night, short stints around town following the local live music. Now as we take a longer trip, I watch the beauty of Thailand pass by and the cool mountain air washes over my sticky skin. Part of me relaxes and savors the moment with a smile. The other part of me wishes for a helmet.

Chocolate Chip Scones

Tasty Slices of Pai

I’ve discovered little bites of heaven and they reside in Pai. I fell in love with the sleepy town in northern Thailand not only for its laid back pace of life and beautiful scenery, but also for its delicious food. Cute little cafes and quaint bakeries led me down small alleys to get my daily fix of mouth watering sweets and healthy plates. The small size of the town makes it easy to sample everything by foot or bicycle. I soon became an addict of a few savory and sweet spots in town, I’ll share them with you here.


Seville you swirl around me, washing my mind with colorful memories of your streets with sharp turns and never-ending cathedrals. Bells clang in the air each morning and dancers stomp their rapid rhythms on stage at night.