Month: June 2015

Roman Bridge

Cordoba and Granada

As we cross the Puente Romano in Cordoba, a breeze picks up creating a swirl of motion around my body. My red dress floats on the warm currents of air and my hair becomes a thousand little tendrils curling around the sun’s rays. The breeze is wonderful and seems to push me along the roman bridge towards the live music that fills the area with a gypsy beat. Cordoba is hot and reaching almost 100 degrees to create a slowness in my pace and an eagerness for shade on the other side of the river. I stop to lean over the railing and marvel at the massive support beams that water pushes through and has since the time of Emperor Augustus. This is what happens in Europe. You realize the ancientness of places. You wonder at the ages and history. You marvel over the considerable feats of engineering and architecture.